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Fishing spots in Auckland

port waikato river mouth/sunset beach


37° 23' 19.3524" S, 174° 42' 26.4096" E
Date & Time: 
early morning or evening

good for kahawai or trevaly in river mouth
snapper /rock fish in sunset beach rock, but be aware of the strong tide pull you off the rock. Never turn your back to the sea,


Hatfield Beach rock point


36° 33' 50.5728" S, 174° 42' 17.1432" E
Date & Time: 
Out going tide

Great fishing spot for good size snapper.
You need a out going tide, a good arm and pilchers. No sinker needed.
Cast out about 40-50m. Fresh or live bait will help.


Union Bay point


36° 59' 6.8604" S, 174° 28' 7.3596" E

Can only be fished on calm days. great place for trevally. Floating lines with shellfish bait.


Castor Bay cliffs


36° 45' 36.6012" S, 174° 46' 21.6012" E
Boat Ramp: 
Date & Time: 
Feb to April

Good fishing spot for Snapper, at the change of light. Use mullet or pilchard and have berley down. Anchor 500m from the cliffs


Mission Bay lamp post 95 and 105


36° 50' 51.8028" S, 174° 49' 56.9208" E
Date & Time: 
high tide, near change of light

The lamp posts are numbered (ie, they have numbers painted on them).

Check out the area between lamp post 95 and 105 on a high tide, near change
of light. Massive casts aren't required, and you can talk to (well, check
out...) the rollerbladers / joggers as they run past.

The bottom is rough as hell, so be prepared to lose hooks / sinkers. Good
news is on low tide, you can get them back...

Great place to take the kids!


Puketutu Island in Manukau Harbour


36° 57' 39.1572" S, 174° 43' 33.3804" E
Date & Time: 

This spot is great for kahawai and trevally. stick to the edge of the channel and i have had lots of catches with mullet


Jack's Point at south of Barrier


36° 16' 43.77" S, 175° 25' 46.1028" E
Boat Ramp: 
Blind Bay Ramp

The kelp beds make for good close in fishing.I have found been successful with straylining with the tide. You do need to watch those westerlies though, they can get rough


Kawau Reef


36° 25' 13.7136" S, 174° 52' 47.3556" E

Reef is great spot for snapper. You will have best luck at dusk and during evening tides


Fishermans Wharf


36° 49' 35.454" S, 174° 44' 47.6412" E

Catch snapper and kahawai. Good light. baitfish after dark on the top of the tide.


Rangitoto lighthouse


36° 47' 15.486" S, 174° 49' 39.2304" E

A clean channel runs between the rock with Rangitoto lighthouse on it and the main island. Can be fished from shore. Snapper at dawn and dusk and kahawai can be caught in daylight hours.

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