Mission Bay lamp post 95 and 105


36° 50' 51.8028" S, 174° 49' 56.9208" E
Date & Time: 
high tide, near change of light

The lamp posts are numbered (ie, they have numbers painted on them).

Check out the area between lamp post 95 and 105 on a high tide, near change
of light. Massive casts aren't required, and you can talk to (well, check
out...) the rollerbladers / joggers as they run past.

The bottom is rough as hell, so be prepared to lose hooks / sinkers. Good
news is on low tide, you can get them back...

Great place to take the kids!



What percentage of days are

What percentage of days are successful, would you estimate?

tide is right

If the tide is right, and it isn't too windy, we caught something there *every* time - normally kahawai, but more often than not snapper too.

The trick is to get full tide within a couple of hours of sunset - preferably just after. You can only really fish there an hour or so either
side of full tide - otherwise the water movement is such that you will lose heaps of tackle - and the fish move out anyway.

The rock shelf is a good feeding ground for predators like snapper and kahawai - but it needs to be covered by water.

Went down there this morning

Went down there this morning after reading this post. 15 minutes in and a big(ish) snapper. Thanks for the post. The lads along from me all got a couple around the time you said too. Almost on high tide.