Rock fishing

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Rock fishing

Stony Bay


36° 30' 19.9116" S, 175° 25' 52.284" E
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This can fish right through the year

In the summer you often see kings chasing ky and trevs in the bay here. This point has produced a lot of fish over the years but gets a fair amount of summer pressure.
I've had snapper to 21lb here and know of plenty of kings being caught in the summer.
Walk-in is NOT around the rocks! Go back up Stony Bay Rd a bit and you'll see the DoC marker for the track out there. Not too hard at all.


The Pinnacles


36° 28' 10.4232" S, 175° 24' 49.248" E
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Couple of houes either side of low is normally best in Coro for kings

This is a kingy spot really, not a great one for snapper. Can be walked in from Fletchers Bay - is about 1h15 and a fairly hard walk on loose stuff. Take lots of berley to keep the kahwai coming - they're a much better livebait than yellowtail up there.


port waikato river mouth/sunset beach


37° 23' 19.3524" S, 174° 42' 26.4096" E
Date & Time: 
early morning or evening

good for kahawai or trevaly in river mouth
snapper /rock fish in sunset beach rock, but be aware of the strong tide pull you off the rock. Never turn your back to the sea,


Urqharts bay point


35° 51' 3.5424" S, 174° 31' 29.0964" E

Walk over from the end of Urqharts Bay and rockfish for snapper (often to big sizes), kahawai, trevally and stingrays. Use sinkers against the current and baits of mullet, skipjack, pilchards, or piper.


Tapeka Point


35° 14' 28.9212" S, 174° 7' 11.3304" E
Date & Time: 

Great rock fishing in spring for snapper. Access at low tide from the Tapeka ramp , dusk fishing with a wet walk back after dark is the way to go! Have good footwear. Fresh bait is best for off the rocks.


Motukowhai Island


35° 19' 24.744" S, 174° 20' 34.9584" E

Good fishing spot for Snapper and kahawai with floating lines. Use skipjack, mullet, pilchards or piper.  


Union Bay point


36° 59' 6.8604" S, 174° 28' 7.3596" E

Can only be fished on calm days. great place for trevally. Floating lines with shellfish bait.


Tapuwai Point At Great Barrier Island


36° 6' 57.8304" S, 175° 25' 36.804" E
Date & Time: 
16 Feb 2011

You want to go to right to the point along Whangapoua beach.
You can get both snapper and kingfish by straylining off the kelp beds.




37° 53' 8.3112" S, 174° 45' 25.6248" E

Not safe when the westerlies blow.
Steep climbing so pack light.

Great spot for kingies

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