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Mangonui Harbour


34° 59' 20.4468" S, 173° 32' 11.5836" E

This is a good spot to have a spin with light gear and small lures for kahawai when there are too many boats to make fishing at the wharf pleasant. Try fishing on the incoming tide for the best results


Hatfield Beach rock point


36° 33' 50.5728" S, 174° 42' 17.1432" E
Date & Time: 
Out going tide

Great fishing spot for good size snapper.
You need a out going tide, a good arm and pilchers. No sinker needed.
Cast out about 40-50m. Fresh or live bait will help.


Seatoun Beach


41° 19' 18.1956" S, 174° 50' 3.7284" E
Date & Time: 
Jan - Oct

Great evening and night fishing, with rising tide and a southerly wind. Kahawai, blue cod are caught during daylight hours and night fishing for tarakihi (January to May) and red cod (June to October).


Surfcasing Birdling Flat


43° 50' 47.8896" S, 172° 26' 47.76" E

Great Canterbury surfcasting spot. Catch Red Cod with moki at the change of light with free running rigs.


Te Oka Bay


43° 51' 35.2008" S, 172° 46' 9.1416" E

Climb down off the road. good kahawai spinning off the ledges


Bay of Many Coves


41° 11' 1.4928" S, 174° 9' 50.328" E

Good snapper fishing around the many beaches and cove headlands. There are also scallops here


Mission Bay lamp post 95 and 105


36° 50' 51.8028" S, 174° 49' 56.9208" E
Date & Time: 
high tide, near change of light

The lamp posts are numbered (ie, they have numbers painted on them).

Check out the area between lamp post 95 and 105 on a high tide, near change
of light. Massive casts aren't required, and you can talk to (well, check
out...) the rollerbladers / joggers as they run past.

The bottom is rough as hell, so be prepared to lose hooks / sinkers. Good
news is on low tide, you can get them back...

Great place to take the kids!


Opoutere Beach


37° 4' 16.8528" S, 175° 53' 17.7216" E

You can get to this spot by boat if you come down from Tairua. Or just walk up the beach from Opoutere on the north side of Wharekawa Harbour. It is a pretty long walk though. You can get some snapper and kahawai here and sometimes kingfish.


Raglan Channel Entrance


37° 47' 59.6112" S, 174° 51' 49.4964" E

good for kahawai and handy to the camp site




39° 4' 16.7268" S, 177° 49' 42.5604" E

The old wharf here is gone. Snapper and kahawai, and in the evenings moki, can be taken by casting seaward from the breakwater leading to the old wharf site. A short walk around the rocks to the right of the old wharf site brings you to some good kingfish territory. A good crayfish dive.

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