Naenae Wharf


41° 12' 10.584" S, 174° 56' 26.0916" E
Boat Ramp: 

Wellington's best landbased fishing spot. Produces trophy specimens across a range of species



Agree with review, bit hard


Agree with review, bit hard to find, but worth the effort.

Naenae Wharf

speed jigged a kingy and amberjack there this morning. This spot has really x-factor - current, depth and habitat

Kingi's going off here


Awesome day
all fish wearing ugg boots
Tried a quick squid fish. only stinky thing was mah finger

naenae wharf???

Get ya spots correct ya dopey prick.

Naenae wharf

There is no wharf is Naenae....just someone taking the piss, aka a place to say when you don't want to give your spot away